Best Vitamins and Supplements for Life After Addiction

Life after addiction is both a glorious and a complicated thing…

Why is life glorious after addiction?

This might seem like the most obvious question, but to someone suffering from addiction, they might actually be wondering this…

How can their life without the drugs or alcohol they have depended on for so long actually be enjoyable?

Well, once you get a taste of that life you will realize just what it is that everyone sees in it. When you see the joy on your kids or spouses faces when you come home clean, when you get promoted at work, when you can return to the sport you used to enjoy so much…

Life after addiction is so glorious because you get YOUR life back – you are in control again, not the drugs or alcohol.

Why is life after addiction challenging?

Addiction recovery doesn’t stop with just getting clean. The struggle to stay clean is a lifelong process as you are faced with temptation and nostalgic feelings that remind you of your old ways.

So, it can be hard to stay on track…

But, it can also be hard in other ways – you are now sensitive to certain medications, certain prescription or even over-the-counter drugs could trigger you. So, it is frustrating because you don’t have the luxury of a non-addict of just using whatever when it comes to medicine, vitamins, and supplements.

However, there are a few that are suggested for those recovering from addiction. Keep reading to check out a list of vitamins and supplements that should be safe for those recovering from addiction and will help you get your body back on track:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • L-glutamine
  • Probiotics

Of course, before you take anything, it is always the best idea to ask your doctor and your counselor first to ensure you are not at risk of it messing up anything with your treatment program.

But, part of a continued recovery from addiction is nursing your body back to health and building up that immune system. This will help you feel better overall and possibly help reverse some of the damage that might have been done as a result of your drug or alcohol addiction.

Once you start your road to recovery, focus on living a healthy life in each and every aspect – from your mental to your physical well-being. It will all make for a much more effective recovery.

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