General Nutrition Tips for Post-Addiction Life

So, in previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of vitamins and supplements in your post-addiction life. We have also discussed some healthy foods to help get you back on track to a healthier life. And, we have discussed why both of these aspects are an important part of addiction recovery and your post-addiction life.

Now, let’s talk about just a few general nutrition tips for your post-addiction life.

Clearly, nutrition is an important aspect to recovering from addiction and to staying sober. But, it isn’t so that you can lose weight or run faster – it is to get your body back on track after it was severely malnourished and it is to help your body return to its normal state after it has been conditioned to rely so heavily on drugs or alcohol.

Addiction takes a heavy toll on a person’s body and in fact, it damages it – leaving it malnourished, tired, weak, and sometimes even inhibiting its ability to uptake nourishment normally.

So, the road to addiction recovery is an entire lifestyle – from building up your mental strength to getting your body back on track to understanding why and how you are doing all of this.

And, there are a few general tips we would like to provide that might be able to help you along the way as you strive to live a healthy, post-addiction life:

  1. Go for decaf drinks.

    I know, it is highly likely that your first instinct is to go for whatever has the most caffeine. But, guess what? Caffeine is the most widely abused drug in the entire world…

    It stimulates you just like the other drugs do, which make it especially dangerous to a recovering addict. This stimulation can be a trigger and actually make it hard for you to resist the cravings for other drugs or alcohol. 

  2. Avoid sugary foods.

    While sugary foods might taste pleasing, they are just empty calories. This can lead to weight gain, depression, anxiety, and mood swings which can also make the road to recovery difficult.

    They can cause you to eat less nutrient-dense food, which your body so desperately needs.

  3. Pack the protein.

    Protein is great for your brain – it is a building block that will help you achieve a healthier brain, overall body, and lifestyle.

  4. Become a smart snacker.

    You are more likely to make bad decisions when you get hungry. So, eat often but make good choices. Try to keep fruit and vegetables or other healthy snacks like nuts nearby at all times.

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